Mums fury after stranger tries taking photos of her baby daughter on train

A mum-of-two from Wales has warned parents after a random man allegedly tried to take photos of her one-year-old daughter on the train as her friend chased him down.

Bethan Williams, from Maesteg, was left angry and frightened by the incident after the man reportedly approached her daughter calling her "pretty" before sticking his phone in front of her.

The man had not been near them during the entire journey to Bridgend on October 12 but picked his moment as Bethan was tying her shoelace.

He asked if he could take a photo but was already holding his phone in front of her daughter's face.

The 28-year-old mum quickly tried to pull the pram away from the man but it is not known whether or not he managed to get any photos.

"I was in shock, to be honest, I felt sick," Bethan told the Daily Star.

"She doesn’t really have a clue (what happened) but it’s frightened me. Feel like I can’t take her out now.

"If that could happen in broad daylight, while mothers were there, who knows what else he could do! Makes me sick."

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Bethan was about to leave the train with her daughter and friends when the incident with the man occurred.

She asked to see the man’s camera roll on his phone and he quickly turned his phone to her to show he had an app open.

The man refused to show the camera roll and left the train.

Bethan and her friend alerted the conductor immediately but the man had already run up the stairs.

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She said: "We told the conductor straight away and the man ran up the stairs. That's why I got a photo from behind. But because we had prams, I had to go in the lift and (we noticed) he was on the same side (of the track) again. He noticed us and ran over the bridge. That’s when my friend chased him and recorded him.

"I couldn’t be 100% certain he did (take a picture), but he did have the camera in her face. I did ask to see his phone and he wouldn’t show me.

"He did show me this app which was blue, not his actual camera roll. So if he did (take a photo) I do not know."

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Her friend gave chase and filmed her confrontation with the man over the incident.

In the footage, her friend can be heard telling the man "you do not take photos of little girls" before saying "no permission, no nothing".

The man can be heard responding: "I haven’t taken any photos."

Bethan posted about the incident with the man on Facebook to warn other parents.

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A spokesman for the British Transport Police said: "British Transport Police received a report of a man taking photos of a mother and her daughter on-board a train near Bridgend, South Wales, at 11.09am on Tuesday 12 October.

"Officers are making enquiries into this incident."

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