Mum’s disgust at ‘Let’s make Down Syndrome extinct’ t-shirt sold on Amazon

A t-shirt has been slammed for "verging on promoting hate crime" for bearing the message "Let’s make Down Syndrome extinct".

The t-shirt was discovered on the e-commerce website by Caroline Wylde, 36, whose son has the congenital disorder.

After discovering the t-shirt she sent the link to her friend Rachel Mewes, 37, whose daughter Betsy also has Down's Syndrome.

The pair say the t-shirts "dehumanise" their children.

Public sector worker Caroline said she was left in tears when she saw the product on Amazon’s website.

She told campaigner and full-time carer Rachel, who shared a screengrab of the "horrific" item of clothing online.

Caroline, from Chester, Cheshire, said: "There’s some really horrible people out there – there really is – but to see Amazon do that, especially with Down’s Syndrome Day coming up, it’s like it was put there on purpose.

"It has brought so much hurt. Is this not classed as a hate crime? If we had put that up about an entire race, it would be classed as racism and hate speech. It’s really awful. It’s just really sad.

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"Someone sent [the link] to me because they knew I’d go mad. I thought ‘could somebody have just put it out there and it’s not for sale?’

"I couldn’t believe it at first. But I typed in the slogan on the t-shirt into Amazon and it came up. It was there straight away in every single size. It’s really hard to see stuff like that."

She added: "My little boy has Down’s Syndrome so obviously that’s going to make me more upset, but if I saw it and didn’t have him, I’d still think it was disgusting."

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On Thursday, a day after flagging the product, Caroline noticed it was taken down but Rachel, whose daughter Betsy, two, also has Down’s Syndrome, decided to share it on social media to raise awareness.

Both mothers said they were concerned that people would buy the t-shirt to wear on Down’s Syndrome Day in a hateful act.

Rachel, from New Hartley, Northumberland, said: "Amazon UK selling and promoting this product is dehumanising for anyone with Down’s Syndrome. It’s discrimination and it’s verging on promoting hate crime.

"It’s very, very ignorant and shows a lack of tolerance, inclusion and acceptance. I dread to think how many people have actually looked at it and bought it. It shouldn’t even exist.

"If you’ve got Down’s Syndrome and see a product like that saying they want to make your condition extinct – that’s very frightening."

Amazon has been approached for comment.

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