Mums armed with speed guns branded f***ing disgrace by raging speeding drivers

A pair of mums have caused anger among a local driving community after buying speed guns and clocking cars going too fast.

Penny Hughes, from Conwy, Wales, and fellow mum Rhian Mai, have taken the law – with the backing of police – into their own hands after drivers were “flying past” their homes in Dolwyddel.

There is a 30mph speed limit, but the mums claim this is ignored by most.

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The road they live on is a stretch of the A470, which runs through the village.

Penny told North Wales Live : “There was a motorbike crash right outside my house in the summer holidays and it's really frightening that somebody could knock our children down." Penny said.

“There are children who play on the drive and in the front garden where the crash happened and crushed the wall, so it's really worrying because cars just fly past. The road goes from a 60mph to 30 I just don't get why people feel the need to overtake in a 30, it's really dangerous.

“We can't have speed bumps because it's the A470 but we need something here to make it safer because it's really worrying as it is.

“We do feel like we have been forgotten and something has to happen for the police to come out. “After the motorbike crash they did come out about a week later but now they've stopped coming again.”

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Teaming with fellow mum Rhian, the pair joined the North Wales Police's Community Speed Watch Scheme in order to try and catch speeding drivers in the act.

They can now be found armed with a speed gun on the busy road.

And the pair have clocked 17 drivers breaking the speed limit within their first two hours on the job.

Penny added: “We've had people shout abuse at us from their cars as they go past.

"Some people just stare but we had one person shout 'you're a f****** disgrace' as they drove past. “But at the end of the day it's a problem for us who have kids and something needs to be done about it.

“We're hoping that people will start to take notice and stop speeding because they know they'll get caught.”

Once clocked, the pair give speeds and car details to the police.

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