Mum eight times drug-driving limit in cocaine binge says she was fine to drive

A single mum on a cocaine binge was fined after being found to be eight times over the drug-driving limit by police.

Charli Charalambous, 34, was driving an Audi A3 Sport when spotted by police at 3pm.

She had been out on a bender with friends and blood tests showed a horrific amount of drugs in her system.

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She was found with more than 400 mcg of benzoylecgonine (BZE) per litre of blood.

BZE is a breakdown product of cocaine and the legal limit is 50 mcg/l – police do not record levels above 400 mcg/l.

The former administrative assistant admitted drug driving, but claimed during a hearing at Wirral Magistrates' Court this week that she was “fine” to drive.

Her reasoning was that she had had 12 hours of sleep before driving.

Her lawyer Rebecca Boswell said: “The cocaine was not in her system – it was the cocaine breakdown product that was in her system.

“She has been driving since 18 and has no driving convictions, and no previous convictions at all.

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“She is a mum of a one year old child and was working in admin, so a driving disqualification is going to make it very difficult going forward.

"She is a single parent who wants to get back into work but that is now going to be extremely limited to her.''

Charalambous was banned from driving for 12 months and ordered that she pay £168 in costs and victim surcharge – as well as a £120 fine on top of that.

“It is always disappointing to see a person of previous good character for an offence such as this," the judge said.

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“You lose that good character by way of this conviction.

“We are not dealing with the reasons why you were stopped but the police did have grounds to request a roadside drug test from you and when that was completed the offence that you are here for was found to have taken place.

“A disqualification from driving in cases such as this is inevitable.

“It does create an impact on yourself and your employment prospects but these are all the consequences of your own actions. It is important that you remember that.”

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