Mum and son outraged after petrol garage threaten to call cops over 3p

A fuming mum has blasted a garage after they said they would call the cops when her son underpaid his fuel bill by 3p.

Shekira Malcolm's 19-year-old son Donté had gone to fill up his car at the BP petrol station in Wembley on his journey back to university in Nottingham.

But he ended up in trouble after a row broke out with an attendant over small change when he offered to pay his only £30 in cash towards his £30.03 fuel bill.

The attendant is said to have refused the offer, and told him he would call the police unless he paid the remaining amount.

Mum Shekira told MyLondon: "He was going to fill up his car to go back to uni in Nottingham on January 2, and had £30 cash but forgot his card. It went a few pence over. 3p.

"When he went into the shop he explained it to the [BP attendant]. He said, 'You owe three pence.' My son tried to explain it but it went back and forth."

She shared that Donté then told the staff member not to be "silly" over a 3p charge but he refused to back down, and even held up his mobile phone screen showing him he was calling 999.

As the argument went on other customers reportedly began to take his side, she says, adding: "The people behind him were getting impatient because it was taking long.

"The guy behind him saw it and said, 'This is ridiculous'."

A builder then handed the attendant 10p and told him to "keep the change", before telling him: "I can't believe what you've got to put with, because if this was me, he'd never had done this. I see why everyone's talking about prejudice. Its ridiculous over 3p'."

Responding on Twitter, Customer Operation Lead Nicole Tilbury and Customer Service Manager Gemma Fox told Shekira that they would now investigate the incident.

A BP spokesperson said: "This situation should not happen at one of our stores and we are reminding our staff of this. We have been in contact with Ms Malcolm and have resolved her complaint."

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