Motorbike mobster was seeing demons in brutal murder of possessed girlfriend

A motorbike gang leader says he "was seeing demons" and thought he girlfriend was "possessed" when he brutally murdered her.

Guy Wayne Lynch, 52, was last week jailed for 75 years for shooting 21-year-old Tia Spearman twice in the head in June 2017.

The US. Army veteran and ex-president of a criminal motorcycle gang dumped his victim’s body in Texas countryside where hog trappers stumbled upon her remains one month later.

Ahead of his sentencing, Lynch told Ellis County Court that he had lived a “life of sin” before murdering the Oklahoma native when he thought he had been “seeing demons”.

Lynch said her went through a spiritual conversion after killing Ms Spearman which stopped him ending his own life.

A press release from the court reads: "[Lynch] explained that he was driving on Interstate 45 with Spearman when the demons appeared. He was frightened, pulled out gun from his waistband, and fired one shot into Spearman’s head.

"He continued to be scared, exited the highway and drove a distance to get Spearman’s body and any demons out of the truck, the release stated.

"While Spearman lay on the ground, he fired the gun again into her head, got back in the truck and drove away. Lynch explained that he kept seeing demons during the next few days and had made a decision to kill himself.

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"However, he had an awakening, accepted Christ into his heart, and was now on the right path, the release stated."

Spearman’s family last heard from her on June 11 over a month before her skeletal remains were found on July 15 which was was not confirmed until August 15.

According to prosecutors, Lynch was living with his sons including an adult and children, at the time of the murder.

Lynch's oldest son asked his father where Spearman was and he admitted to shooting her in the head after a row.

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Judge Cindy Ermatinger handed Lynch a 75-year prison sentence on Wednesday, barring him from applying for parole until he is in his early eighties after 30 years locked up.

Tia Spearman's aunt Sharon Murray who raised her from the age of five, told KSWO in 2017 that she was a “very sweet person” who “wouldn’t hurt a fly” but had been “secretive” about “this boyfriend nobody knew nothing about.”

“And next thing I knew she was gone,” Ms Murray added.

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