Most intense shark attack as terrified divers kick cunning beast in face

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    Footage has been released showing the heartstopping moment two divers were attacked by a shark.

    The two divers thankfully escaped in one piece and say they are thankful to be alive.

    Tao Hoogland was spearfishing with friend Joseph on Friday (January 10), when a shark swam up to them in Shark Bay, Western Australia.

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    Tao, with his camera rolling, films as the shark darts toward him.

    With little choice, he tries to battle it off him, managing to kick it in the face.

    He said: "A large bronze whaler shark swim directly in front of me. There wasn't fear, it was more surprise, shock and our fight or flight survival instincts kicking in.

    "As I looked up to my dive buddy, he signalled that it was time to go, especially as we had several bad encounters with similar sharks the week prior.

    "Suddenly, the shark reappeared behind me and before I knew what was happening, it was attacking my buddy in between our legs, trying to take the fish off his speargun."

    The divers hurried back to shore, thankful to have been spared by the predator.

    Toad said: "The shark tried to take the rest of the fish out of our hands, as we swam back to shore.

    "I was surprised by how aggressive and cunning the shark was, but I quickly became annoyed as it wouldn't leave us alone."

    Tao posted the footage to TikTok were it inevitably went viral, racking up 840,000 views and 19,200 likes.

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    Many users were taken aback by the scary encounter.

    One user said: “You survived a shark attack!! You got a meaning to life don’t forget this," while another wrote: “Dude really tried to keep his fish away from the shark.”

    Some keyboard experts explained how they would have handled it.

    “You forgot to put your hand on the sharks nose, that’s why,” one write while another said: “Don’t splash like crazy, let him get close then push down on his head to steer him away.”

    Tao said: "We've never encountered such a funny shark that was willing to [steal from us] – usually they keep their distance, but not this one.

    "After the encounter, we were both in shock and stood on the beach surprised that neither of us had lost a limb or was badly bitten."

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