Mormon missionaries flee home after noticing lesbian couples gayest doormat

A pair of Mormons were scared off by a doormat proclaiming the door led to the "Gayest Place in Town".

The house where the hilarious events unfolded took place is home to Jamie Foust, 28, and her wife Melissa, 32, who purchased the rainbow-trimmed doormat back in June because they thought it was funny.

Two months later, two Mormon missionaries were caught on their doorbell camera approaching their home, presumably in a bid to convert the pair to their ways.

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The young men can be seen arriving at the door, ready to preach their ways, until one of them looks down and reads the word "gayest" out loud.

In the clip, the pair are heard saying "nope" and swiftly walking away from the property.

Foust said the video left her "crying with laughter", and she quickly showed her wife before posting the clip to TikTok, where it amassed almost 7 million views and over 800,000 likes.

Factory worker Foust said she reckoned the missionaries left because the couple were "beyond help."

"Hopefully they’ll leave us alone now," she said, calling the $10 doormat the couple's "greatest investment".

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Users were quick to chime in, asking for a link to the mat so they could buy one for themselves in a bid to spare them another lecture by the ulta-religious missionaries.

One commenter said: "Isn’t it their job to 'save' you? They failed the 'mission'!"

"Remember that bible story where they’d put blood on the doors to prevent that angel from taking first borns? This is like that." another joked.

"[A]s a queer and trans former Mormon, this brings me such joy," a third person added.

But not everyone agreed with the jokes and said the Mormons were actually being respectful, claiming "elders" in the religion are "usually 18-22 years old" and that the pair "likely walked away out of respect for you and how you want to live life."

But Foust was still pleased with the results of the doormat, and told Kennedy News that she has no plans to get rid of it.

"I’m going to have to buy a new one so when this one gets old I’ll have another one," she said.

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