More human remains found at cannabis farm after blaze where 4 people vanished

Police investigating the charred ruins of a 'cannabis farm' that was destroyed in an inferno earlier in the year (May 7) have said they have found the human remains of a second victim.

More than 50 firefighters were tasked with putting out the fire and nearby residents were warned to keep doors and windows closed – although at the time it was thought nobody was inside.

However, last week (July 21) police were horrified to find the remains of the first victim scattered amongst what was left of Bismark House Mill in Oldham.

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There are now growing fears that four Vietnamese nationals, who have been missing since the fire may have been inside the building during the inferno.

Greater Manchester Police are now working with the Vietnamese embassy to confirm this with the Deputy Ambassador of Vietnam in the UK, Tô Minh Thu, recently seen at the scene of the fire liaising with police.

Little is known about the cause of the fire, however, the Manchester Evening News reports that police are looking at whether the mill was being used to farm cannabis as one line of enquiry.

Commenting on the latest developments, Detective Superintendent Lewis Hughes said: “We are carrying out an extensive search of the remnants of the mill to ensure any further human remains are recovered in a way which is respectful to both the deceased and the bereaved.

"Meanwhile, our Major Incident Team are continuing to liaise with partner agencies to ensure potential family members in Vietnam are fully informed and supported.

“Though we’ve now recovered human remains to suggest that at least two people were in the mill during the fire, we remain conscious of the report we received, on Thursday 21 July 2022, that four Vietnamese nationals were missing and may have been involved in a fire.

“Alongside the search and recovery efforts, extensive enquiries are being carried out to establish the full circumstances surrounding the fire.

"Any criminal offences identified as part of this will be progressed immediately and appropriately.

“It is fundamental that those involved in this incident are provided with honest and accurate information at all times.

"We are, sadly, aware that speculative and inaccurate information has been reported but can reassure those affected that Greater Manchester Police will provide updates at appropriate times, having verified the information and followed the correct procedures.”


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