Moment woman gives King Charles III a pen ‘just in case’ after ‘pengate’

King Charles III burst out laughing when a kind woman in the crowd handed him a pen "just in case" following his recent frustrations with stationery.

The 73-year-old monarch was greeting members of the public in Cardiff on Friday, September 17, when a woman made the light-hearted gesture of handing him a pen.

His Majesty seemed slightly confused by the gift at first but realised why and burst out laughing when she said: "Just in case."

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The King was later seen bringing his own pen to a Welsh cathedral after being frustrated by previous mishaps that left his hand covered in ink.

Although, it did not appear to be the pen handed to him by the woman outside.

The monarch and Queen Consort Camilla were visiting Cardiff and attended a service of prayers and reflection for the late Queen at Llandaff Cathedral.

At the end of the service, they were invited to sign a guest book to mark their first visit as King and Queen Consort.

Charles took out a fountain pen from his suit jacket and calmly signed on the book "Charles R", which "R" stands for Rex, meaning King in Latin.

He passed the book and the pen to Camilla, who signed "Camilla R" right under his signature.

The King then popped his pen back into his pocket before walking down the aisle and exiting the cathedral where the crowd welcomed him with cheers.

Sky correspondent Laura Bundock said: "Interestingly one thing I noticed at the very end when the King and Queen Consort were signing the visitor's book in the cathedral, he had brought his own pen following the previous pen problems we had seen.

"He had one and gave it to the Queen Consort before he signed the book as well. No pen problems this time."

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The "Bring Your Own Pen" moment came after his pen blunder earlier at Hillsborough Castle, Belfast.

He signed the wrong date on a guest book and complained about the pen he was using as it left ink all over his hand.

Charles had also been seen getting frustrated at some pens during his proclamation the day after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II had passed away.

The hashtag PenGate began trending on social media following the circulation of the footage.

You can leave your tributes to Queen Elizabeth II here.


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