Moment gigantic whale leaps out of water and crushes yacht full of people

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A whale leapt out of the water and down on top of four yacht passengers, almost killing them, in northern Mexico.

Footage of the incident which took place on Saturday, May 14, in the Gulf of California shows the huge mammal, known to Sinaloa local authorities as 'Pechocho,' breach the water and land on the boat.

The impact flipped the small boat over and tossed the passengers into the bay off the coast of the Sinaloa municipality of Topolobampo, reports said.

Former Ahome councilman Jesús Valdez suffered rib fractures and a minor head injury, and a young woman suffered a broken leg, Línea Directa Portal reported.

Ahome Civil Protection coordinator, Omar Mendoza, said the yacht's presence in the bay may have provoked the incident as there are many whales there at this time of year.

Ahome Mayor Gerardo Vargas urged caution from boaters and revealed that the whale has been injured as a result of the incident.

"The rear admiral makes a call to please not get too close to the whale, we can be enjoying its beauty, but from a safe distance," said Vargas.

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In a similar incident in late April, a giant humpback whale sent terrified tourists flying after the guide boat carrying them bumped into the killer whale, catapulting passengers into the air.

Again, the incident occurred just off the coast of Mexico when a boat was launched into the air by a whale after the vessel smashed into the back of the animal.

Five tourists were reportedly hurt in the bizarre collision, with three kept in hospital and one reported as seriously injured in the incident.

Passengers were hurled high into the air after the boat collided with the giant humpback whale, with local reports saying an investigation is underway into why the tour boat had not kept a safe distance.

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