Mia Khalifas cryptic girlfriend tweet suggests Pornhub icon is now single

Former porn legend Mia Khalifa's male fans on social media are rejoicing at the possibility that the beauty is now single.

Mia, who has recently been enjoying a jet set lifestyle with a world boat tour, has been dating Puerto Rican singer Jhay Cortez for the best part of a year.

But a cryptic tweet put out overnight hints that she the pair might actually have split up.

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In the tweet, she wrote: “The most embarrassing thing in the world to be right now is a girlfriend, praying for y’all.”

She ended her tweet with the hands making a heart emoji.

Cortez hasn't been featured on any of Mia's social media posts for a number of weeks – which is unusual as he used to be in everything she did.

Mia's male fans were quick to jump on the tweet, which has been liked more than 4,000 times.

One user wrote: “It's better just to be friends with benefits.” Another added: “You can be my girlfriend anytime Mia”.

A few days prior, Mia also tweeted: “Men cheating to impress other men is peak corny.”

Cortez hardly uses social media, so no confirmation on their relationship status has come from the rapper.

Mia has been giving a few cryptic updates this week.

  • Mia Khalifa stalked by boatload of randy men while on luxury Miami yacht ride

The 29-year-old former porn star-turned-world traveller has boasted she will be a 'future MILF' as she sported a cheeky t-shirt on her latest trip.

The former adult star took time out of her travels to post a story on her Instagram showing off her new haircut – which now has extra colours in it.

But it wasn't so much the hair that raised eyebrows, as she was wearing a t-shirt that said 'future MILF'.

The term 'MILF' was popularised by the American Pie film series, the acronym describing an attractive mother in lewd terms.

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Mia has never spoken about wanting to be a mother before, but if this t-shirt is anything to go by then it's possible she's thinking about settling down in the future.

It could also explain why a recent boat ride in Miami turned sour when she was stalked by a bunch of randy men.

Over the weekend she enjoying a trip on the water and posted a video that showed another boat behind her.

This other boat appeared to have around 10 or so men standing on the front chasing her boat at some considerable speed – and she looked a little creeped out by it.

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Thankfully, it appeared nothing came of it as she didn't post an update on the situation, but she did post more bikini-clad images from the boat, including videos showing the back of the boat she was riding in without the creepy man-boat in sight.

The OnlyFans star chartered the gorgeous vessel, earning her the nickname of "sugar daddy" from fashion model pal Jenna Lee, who spent the magical day with her.

"If you're wondering what rich man chartered the boat he's right here @miakhalifa", Jenna captioned a story, which Mia then shares with her nearly 28 million followers.

She also commented: "When your sugar daddy insists on being in the shot", to which Mia replied "babe please" followed by a cry-laughing emoji.

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