Mia Khalifa posts cryptic Instagram story about moving to London

Mia Khalifa has postedan intriguing Instagram storyabout moving to London.

The mysterious message chats about moving to the UK’s capital, sparking hopes that the former PornHub hero might be heading for a stint in Blighty.

The adult film actress has been known to be less than obvious with the meanings of her social media posts in the past, and this isn’t the first time she’s left her fans scratching their heads.

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Sharing the white screengrab with a white background and black typewriter font, the message read: “Oh, a London scent! I’m moving to London.”

“Nice, when?”

“I’m manifesting, don’t ask questions.”

The message was signed off with: “\Wicker Park. Chicago.”

She gave credit for the post to Overheard LE LABO, the Instagram bio of which says: “Spoken words from our Labs. Recorded on one of our pretentious vintage typewriters.” It then asks users to “Please send us your stories.”

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The page is connected to a website called the Le Jornal Newspaper, which is in turn connected to the perfume company Le Labo, an upmarket fragrance manufacturer that sells a 245g candle for £60.

Outlets of the posh shop are dotted across the UK, with around 10 stores in London and a similar number again across the rest of the country.

The quote Mia posted was one of many from the Overheard LE LABO page which appears to be a unique marketing approach where people send in quotes relating to fragrances and perfume which are then written on a typewriter and posted on the page.

Another one reads: “F*ck it, I’m buying full-size city exclusives [one of the very expensive perfumes sold by LE LABO that retails for around £1,300] this year. I’ll demand a raise once I smell irreplaceable.”

Mia is a regular visitor to London and posts about her exploits in the city, but it is not known if she has considered a permanent switch to this side of the Atlantic.

Mia has been very active on Instagram lately, protesting the ongoing violence against women in Iran, discussing free choice and sharing images of bullet casings in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini, 22.

Mahsa Amini passed away while in police custody in Iran under suspicious circumstances, sparking protests on a huge scale.

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