Mia Khalifa flaunts fluent French in Paris before eating caviar from handbag

Adult star Mia Khalifa has found a hilarious new way to practice her French during a trip to Paris.

The Pornhub legend has been in the French capital to shoot a campaign for her latest endeavour and seems to have picked up some useful phrases while there.

In a video shared to her Instagram stories, Mia revealed that she had the basics down as she asked the DJ at the shoot to play Beyoncé in fluent French.

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Coming up with a clever trick to make the request over the loud music playing, Mia could be seen beaming as she held her phone up, displaying the words "Jouer Beyoncé".

The DJ could then be seen looking over at Mia and clocking her request before appearing to fiddle with the decks.

Mia didn't forget her manners though as she continued to hone in on her French skills, tagging DJ Melanin in the story and writing "Si'l vou plait" for "please".

The talented 29-year-old is skilled in several languages already, including being fluent in Arabic and French.

She previously answered a Twitter follower's question about how many languages she can speak, responding: "2.5 Arabic, English, and I wouldn't get lost in a Spanish speaking country".

Her attempts at French came as the adult star-turned-influencer spent the day galivanting around Paris yesterday for a photoshoot ahead of the launch of her new jewellery brand, Sheytan.

In another fun moment from the shoot, Mia also revealed that she had run into a fan carrying a gold balloon on the streets of Paris.

She kindly asked the fan, Lucy Dimitrova, if she could use her balloon for pictures and the pair then posed for a video together where Mia could be heard putting on a French accent as she said: "I am so happy to be in Paris".

Sharing the video to her Instagram, Lucy described Mia as "the sweetest", writing: "Just met the sweetest @miakhalifa in Paris shooting for her new jewelry brand @sheytan.world. Thank you for being so nice to me!".

After a busy photoshoot, Mia then headed to Bofinger, known as one of the most beautiful brasseries in Paris, for a lavish meal.

She enjoyed a platter of oysters as well as caviar, which she revealed in a video on her stories that she brought with her, sneakily pulling it out of her handbag.

Mia's visit to France comes after her recent trip to the UK, where she tried her first British roast dinner as well as a decadent afternoon tea.

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