Met Office weather forecast: April could be hottest on record as scorching heat hits UK

After a weekend of wet weather, clear skies and warm temperatures are on the way – with sunny skies brightening up Monday. The mercury is forecast to reach 24C on Thursday and Friday, with an area of high pressure bringing hot weather to the UK.

Met Office meteorologist Martin Boles said: “The warmest days this week will be Thursday and Friday with temperatures up to around 24C (75F) on both days — but there will be plenty of warm weather before then.”

On Monday, much of the UK has seen sunny skies as the high-pressure system brings settled weather.

The Met Office wrote on Twitter on Monday afternoon: “Barely a cloud in sight across the UK today and that is the way it will stay this afternoon.

“Strong easterly winds will be gusty over northwest England, known as a Helm wind.”

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Temperatures have reached 19C across western and southern areas of the UK, colder to the east and north due to the strong winds.

Netweather forecasts for Monday: “The easterly wind will be moderate to fresh today so quite a feature of the weather for Monday.

“There will be brisk winds through the English Channel with a bit more cloud extending from northern France to Cornwall.

“There will be a fresh NE wind for the Channel Islands and a small chance of a shower here later today.

“Temperatures for the UK will be around 15C, 11 or 12C for the east coast and parts of southern England up to 18 or 19C.”

The Met Office has also cautioned those heading outside to wear suncream, as the UV levels are forecast to be high this week.

Despite the warm weather, Britons are urged to abide by the lockdown guidelines and only leave their homes for essential reasons.

This includes for exercise, to buy groceries or to attend key jobs.

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The UK is now in the fifth week of lockdown, with an extension of three weeks implemented in Thursday’s coronavirus daily briefing.

Experts believe this month’s overall average temperature will beat the 2011 high of 10.7C (51.3F).

This means this month could become the warmest April in England since records began in 1659.

In the Met Office’s look at the week ahead, Tuesday is forecast to again be sunny and dry.

The brisk easterly wind will continue on Tuesday, but temperatures will reach 18C to the south of England.

Wednesday will be a fine and dry day, and will begin to feel warmer as the winds ease.

Highs of 21C are possible in Wales on Wednesday, with 20C, 19C and 18C elsewhere.

It will be colder to the north, with highs of just 14C for the north east.

Then on Thursday, any early cloud will melt away, bringing a sunny day with light winds.

Highs of 24C are possible on Thursday, making it perfect weather to head into the garden.

It will be a grey start on Friday, before plenty of sunny spells hit much of the UK.

Some showers could possibly develop across the North of England and Midlands.

Highs of 24C are again possible in the south, with 23C and 20C forecast elsewhere.

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