Met Office fog warning: UK struck by major fog patches – where is affected?

BBC Weather: Mist and fog forecast across the UK

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Heavy fog has covered many parts of the UK this morning. Although it’s expected to clear later today morning to leave fine warm weather this afternoon, the Met Office has in place a yellow weather warning for heavy fog. Here are the areas currently affected. 

The Met Office has issued yellow fog warnings until 10am morning. 

The warnings were initially made at 4am today, as the Met Office said the fog patches could lead to difficult driving conditions and some travel disruption.

Areas affected include East Midlands, East of England, London, South East England, South West England. 

The worst of the fog is forecast for the The East of England, South East and London. 

The Met Office’s yellow weather warning covers major cities in the South and East of England.

These include Portsmoth, London, Oxford, Peterborough and Norwich.

But heavy fog isn’t isolated to these areas, BBC forecaster Susan Powell said: “The Fog is very dense across a large area of England.” 

She added: “Some [heavy fog] across to the Welsh borders as well.

“And its patchy which in a way makes it somewhat more dangerous, beacuse you can drive out of one area of fog, think things have cleared put your foot down an you are into another.”

Reports have also been made of dense fog in parts of the South West. 

Instead of fog in Scotland and the North of England heavy rain is expected this morning.

This will edge its way slowly southeastwards, turning lighter and patchier as it reaches northern England and Wales. 

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