Melania Trump’s ‘disgust’ at Ivanka’s plan to be first female US President exposed

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The First Lady of the US would roll her eyes whenever Ivanka Trump talked about becoming the first female president of the United States, saying “no, thank you” under her breath, a source familiar with the book told Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, written by Ms Trump’s former friend and staffer Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, is set to be released today.

The source added that the book unearths details of the tense relationship between the wife and the daughter of the President of the United States that have not been revealed before.

The source said: “Melania would roll her eyes whenever she heard Ivanka ramble on about her grand plan on becoming America’s first female president with Jared by her side.

“Jared would ultimately chime in with, ‘She’s got what it takes, she’s a born leader, the people love her, look at her’ and Melania would mumble no thank you.”

The source added: “Meanwhile Melania had to deal with Don Jr.’s conviction that he too would follow in his dad’s footsteps in becoming Commander in Chief.

“Melania would discretely shake her head in disgust over these two running around the White House saying ‘look at me, look at me’ and acting like they were the ones in charge.

“While Melania strived for peace and order in her new home, she compared the White House to an out-of-control circus thanks to its self-appointed co-ringleaders Ivanka and Don Jr.”

The source also explained how the First Lady compared herself to “a modern day Jacqueline Kennedy and said her mission was to restore sophistication and elegance to the White House. That it was lacking a feminine touch.”

The author of the book claims Ms Trump referred to her stepdaughter and family members working in the White House as “snakes” over their obstructions as she tried to appoint a new chief of staff.

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According to the book, Ms Trump complained about the First Daughter not showing her respect as the First Lady.

The source said: “Melania complained that Ivanka was always competing with her for his attention, as if she knew better and was more capable of being the First Lady.

“Melania spoke out against Ivanka’s incessant need to involve herself in just about everything in the White House, even if it didn’t concern her.

“She would always find some way to meddle, someway to make her point be heard.”

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The insider added: “There’s no warmth between those two.”

“Melania said Ivanka has not shown her the respect a First Lady deserves and is constantly trying to steal the spotlight by overstepping her boundaries and behaving like her father’s most trusted confidant a la The Apprentice.

“Behind Ivanka’s back, Melania would often grumble to her inner circle that there’s only one First Lady and that her husband was the person elected, not his entire family, referring to his kids.”

The book also describes Ms Trump’s anger over a leak about a family viewing of the film Finding Dory while the country was in turmoil over Mr Trump’s first travel ban against some Muslim-majority nations.

Ms Wolkoff wrote: “Ivanka’s fingerprints were all over it.”

She added that the First Lady sent “a tirade of texts asking who approved Ivanka Trump – a White House staffer – to use the screening room, which was part of the residence, aka Melania’s domain.”

Writing about what the First Lady told her, Ms Wolkoff added: “This is my home.

“Do they come walking into my apartment in New York whenever they want? No!”

Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady’s chief of staff, has repeatedly denied claims that Ms Trump criticised anyone in the Trump family.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson on Tuesday, Ms Grisham said: “They’re a close-knit family.

“She’s talked about them many times publicly.”

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