Melania Trump finds it ‘hard to hide real emotions’ about Donald says expert –‘struggling’

Melania Trump 'didn't have a budget or staff' claims insider

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The former First Lady has grasped the fact the former US President “is not good for her,” according to a relationship expert. John Kenny said this realisation only led Melania to struggle to “not show her emotions” publicly.

The life coach told Daily Star Mrs Trump’s true sentiment shows “in her body language and behaviour”.

Mr Kenny added: “She may realise that she has chosen to be with someone that isn’t good for her, as her actions dictate, that even in public she finds it hard not to show her emotions. This comes out in her body language and behaviour.”

Mrs Trump recently publicly responded to widespread divorce rumours in what seemed a defence of her relationship with Mr Trump.

In a tweet, the Office of Melania Trump said: “Mrs Trump is no longer First Lady. She is a private citizen, mother, & wife.

“Sources in this article are not affiliated [with] her nor have insight into her thoughts or daily life.”

According to Mr Kenny, this may be an indicator that the former First Lady is having a hard time accepting the facts, “especially” because she is “being constantly reminded of it.”

He said: “Her comment about an Unhealthy Obsession about her relationship is likely because of the emphasis she is placing on it herself.

“She might be defending her relationship, as now he is no longer president it is ok for her to speak out.

“But maybe she is struggling with people highlighting her real emotions. The truth can be hard to face, especially if you are being constantly reminded of it.”

One of the latest claims made regarding the couple’s situation highlighted that they had “zero chemistry”.

Former Channel 4 Celebs Go Dating Coach, Lady Nadia Essex, alleged it is “only a matter of time” before the Trumps divorce.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ms Essex said: “There is zero chemistry between them and her body language towards him is very hostile.

“She clearly does not want to be in his company and often is seen bashing his hand away when he tries to hold hers.”

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The relationship expert added: “I think it’s only a matter of time [before they get divorced]. She could divorce whilst he was president so I wouldn’t be surprised if she files for divorce before the next US election.”

Ms Essex explained that she believes that neither Melania or Donald are happy in their marriage.

She added: “I don’t believe either of them are happy in the relationship.

“I believe they live apart already and are only really married by name. I think life is too short to be unhappy, especially in a relationship.

“I know Melania has had a lot of criticism, but anyone who can face being married to Trump for a decade has my empathy.”

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