Melania ‘dodges’ kiss from Donald Trump in awkward finish to campaign speech

Melania Trump has been filmed seemingly dodging a kiss from US President Donald Trump after she delivered a campaign speech.

The First Lady took to the podium at the Republican National Convention in North Carolina yesterday where she made an impassioned speech about the Black Lives Matter protests and coronavirus pandemic.

But when her moment in the spotlight came to an end, something rather awkward happened.

Footage going viral online shows her husband walking up to her and leaning forward ready to give her a kiss as she walks off stage.

Melania does not seem interested though and goes for a kiss on the cheek.

Trump tries for the second time after a hug, but is rejected once again.

Eagle-eyed viewers edited the clip and shared it on Twitter, where others also acknowledged the obvious "swerve".

One said: "Melania turns her face when Trump goes to give her a kiss, she couldn’t even hide her disgust for the photo."

A second viewer wrote: "Yes, we all dodge our husbands' kiss like that. Totally normal."

"She completely moved her face when he went for the lips," another claimed. "What a swerve."

The uncomfortable moment between the married couple came after Melania was spotted appearing to swat her husband's hand away.

The First Lady was caught on camera swinging her Hermes Birkin bag to the front when Trump tries to hold her hand as they disembarked Air Force One on Monday.

The strong wind was blowing the First Lady's hair over her face and some viewers explained that she might not have seen his hand while walking down the stairs.

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