Meghan Markle pays tribute to feminist ‘inspiration’ in rare public statement

Meghan Markle has issued rare public statement after her “inspiration” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday.

The Duchess of Sussex called her a "Justice of courage" and said she had looked up to Ginsburg since she was a "little girl."

She also praised Ginsburg’s "incomparable and indelible legacy" and said she will "forever be known as a woman of brilliance."

Meghan issued the statement from her California home, where she lives with Prince Harry, 36, and their one-year-old son Archie, after stepping down as senior royals in March.

In a statement, the 39-year-old, said: "She has been a true inspiration to me since I was a girl. Honor her, remember her, act for her.

"With an incomparable and indelible legacy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will forever be known as a woman of brilliance, a Justice of courage, and a human of deep conviction."

Ginsburg, 87, who was the second female justice ever appointed to the Supreme Court, died on Friday night after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Before she was appointed to the high court, she argued six gender equality cases before the court.

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Ginsburg grew up in a working-class family in Brooklyn, New York and it is currently unknown who will be filling the Supreme Court vacancy.

The Duchess of Sussex is one of the several high profile public figures to speak out about the late justice.

Actress Jennifer Lopez said on Instagram: “I am heartbroken.

"She was a true champion of gender equality and was a strong woman for me and all the little girls of the world to look up to."

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