Mean Elle Brooke slammed by Piers Morgan for shameful slur on Talk TV show

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    Top OnlyFans star-turned influencer boxer Elle Brooke has been slammed by shouty TV host Piers Morgan after she used a “shameful slur” during an interview.

    Elle surprised everyone by announcing she was appearing as a guest on Morgan's TalkTV interview show Uncensored last night (June 6).

    The Manchester City fan was on the show to talk about feminism and defend her career choice.

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    And while the interview itself was fiery, the pair appeared on Elle's Instagram stories shortly after where Morgan slammed her for calling him an “influencer that's been de-platformed”.

    But Morgan hit back.

    He said: “Yeah, that was a shameful slur, but thank you for coming on.

    “I would normally tell a guest to keep it uncensored, but there's not much point in saying that to you.”

    Elle did go on to apologise for the comment, before thanking the mouthy Arsenal fan for having her on the show.

    During her appearance, Elle talked about how she went from training to be a lawyer to joining OnlyFans.

    She said: “I saw how much money other people were earning and I was just thinking that I could do it to.

    “Turns out I was pretty good at taking my clothes off, and thought that this was the career for me.”

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    Morgan, never one to keep his opinions to himself, said that while he had “nothing against” Elle, he was “disappointed” in her choice of career.

    This prompted Elle to hit back and claim that she earns in “two weeks” what she would have earned over a year as being a solicitor or lawyer.

    After asking Morgan how much he earns, she joked: “I earn maybe double that.

    “I know I'm good at what I do.”

    She did also say she had hired her mum to help with her content management, and that should Elle have kids in the future, they can "cry" in her Ferrari.

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    A comfortable place to weep, Elle made a defensive claim over her way of earning during a TalkTV appearance where she claimed her family did not mind her career choice.

    Piers asked of the reaction her family had to this career choice, but the 25-year-old hit back at claims they were "disappointed" with an explanation as to how her career moves had helped her loved ones.

    She said: "My dad is dead and my mum is on my payroll. My family are fine.

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    "She doesn't do anything rude or anything. She doesn't praise it [her job] at the pub, like 'woohoo my daughter does OnlyFans', but she's supportive.

    "She knows that I'm over 18 and can do whatever the hell I want. She knows her views can't impact my life. What's she going to do, 'you're grounded for doing OnlyFans,' it's 2023, people can do whatever the hell they want."

    In a seemingly accidental gaffe, Piers admitted he "subscribed" to that idea, although Elle caught the broadcaster out with a tongue in cheek joke about her customers.

    She joked: "Oh, you subscribe?", to which Piers replied: "I don't subscribe to you. I haven't bestowed you the honour yet."

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