McDonald’s horror as maggots ‘fall from ceiling and into customer’s food’

McDonald’s customers were left stunned and horrified to see maggots falling from the ceiling and “all over the floors”.

It is alleged that live maggots fell into a woman’s meal at the fast-food chain’s Beckton store in East London on Thursday morning.

A man recording the incident can be heard saying: "This guy is trying to stop me from taking pictures."

Speaking about the maggots, the man said they are "all over the floors," before a woman adds, "they’re everywhere and they're moving."

As he zooms in to the flooring and the larva wriggling around on the tables, he adds: "Yeah, they're alive."

The woman continues to say that two maggots seen on the tables "came from the roof,” before the man adds that they “dropped on the lady's food”.

The man ends the video by saying: "I'm going to get a refund on this. This is McDonald's in Beckton, with maggots lying around. They're all over the floor."

People took to social media to express their horror at the clip, with one Twitter user referring to the incident as “so grim”, while another on Instagram believed “there must be something dead in that ceiling”.

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Some people tried to see the funny side of the situation, with one tweeting, “McDonald’s new menu = McMaggots”, while another referred to the maggots as a “good source of protein”.

One social media user did mention that he would still probably go and eat from McDonald’s despite the video, with another echoing this sentiment and saying that kids will never stop going to the fast-food chain, no matter how many bad reviews it gets.

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A McDonald's spokesperson told the Daily Star: "Unfortunately, an incident occurred on Thursday morning at our restaurant in Beckton and we would like to apologise to any customers who were impacted.

"The restaurant was immediately closed, and a thorough investigation found the root cause which has now been resolved.

“The restaurant was closed throughout the day for the investigation and we brought in external specialists to carry out a deep clean.

"It remained closed on Friday as a precaution and for further cleaning.

"We have worked closely with our pest prevention company and Environmental Health Officers during this process.”

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