Maradona took cocaine Sunday to Wednesday and used fake penis on drugs tests

Diego Maradona was on cocaine "Sunday to Wednesday" during his playing career at Napoli – and used a fake penis to pass drugs tests before playing.

The football legend tragically died after suffering a heart attack on Thursday at the age of 60.

The Argentinian is infamous for his incredible ability on the football pitch – and his notoriously bad behaviour off it.

His drug addiction during his playing career would culminate in him being sent home after testing positive for drugs at the 1994 World Cup – but El Diego had reportedly managed to dodge doping testers successfully for much of his glittering career.

Documentary "Diego Maradona" by British director Asif Kapadiahas, sheds light on his links with the Italian mafia who supplied him with cocaine and prostitutes during his time in Napoli.

Maradona is still revered as a god-like figure in the southern Italian city, in the grips of the Camorra drugs cartel, for the way he had ended the dominance of the more powerful northern clubs.

There is footage in the documentary of car chases in Napoli, his wild personal life and team celebrations.

He was regularly photographed with powerful drug figures and their families and he would also receive a Rolex watch every time he turned up at one of their events.

Maradona was friends with the Giuliano mafia clan and would hang out with brothers Luigi and Carmine “The Lion”.

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He said: “In Napoli, drugs were everywhere. They practically brought them to me on a tray.”

He would take drugs for half the week and then be dry in the run up to his next match.

Maradona said: “Sunday to Wednesday I was partying on cocaine. I would come home high on drugs.

“When I saw my daughter I would be afraid and lock myself in the bathroom.”

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Napoli president Corrado Ferlaino also suggested that “probably someone else peed for him” when drug testing did take place.

Maradona is known to have used a fake plastic penis for drug testing which was given to a Buenos Aires museum.

In a ploy which may or may not have been inspired by the film "Withnail And I", the plastic manhood was filled with "clean" urine so that Maradona could pass the test.

The plastic piece was stolen from the museum in 2003.

A police source at the time told the Daily Star Sunday: "It's quite an unusual theft but I suppose it is valuable because of its former owner. We're confident we can sniff it out."

Also speaking at the time of the theft, Napoli president Corrado Ferlaino said: "If he was still at risk, he was given it containing someone else's urine, which he slipped into his tracksuit. Then in the testing room he would fill the specimen jar."

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