Man whose manhood grew from infection after lover’s bite undergoes amputation

A 'Casanova' whose penis swelled up after a lover bit it in a threesome has had part of it amputated.

Medics thought a man had been abused after he eventually found help for his enlarged manhood, which still had teeth marks from where it was bitten during a polyamorous romp.

However the patient, thought to be 55-years-old, explained there was no need for police action because he enjoyed how the injury enlarged his sexual organ.

The bizarre incident happened in the village of Babyakovo in the Russian region of the Voronezh Oblast and is widely reported by local sources to have occurred on April 22.

Local media said he was engaged in sexual intercourse with three women at the same time when one of them bit his genitals but the local ‘Casanova’ paid no special attention to it and continued with the act.

However, the bite reportedly caused a wound on his genitals that was not tended to as he rather liked the fact that the information made it larger, with the infection causing it to become swollen and grow in size.

The unnamed man was initially pleased, despite the pain, that his sex organ becoming larger and did not seek medical attention.

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However, the swelling continued which caused him increasing pain.

When he finally checked into a hospital, doctors found the inflammation was so bad that they were forced to amputate part of the man’s penis.

The medical workers discovered teeth marks on the man’s penis which made them believe he was abused before contacting the police.

Local sources said the police have started an investigation into the incident but no further details were given.

There have been no reports on the current status of the man.

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