Man murdered teens who flashed buttocks during knock-a-door-run prank

A man has been found guilty of murdering teenagers who played a prank on his house in 2020.

Anurag Chandra, from Riverside Country, California, US was found guilty of three counts of attempted murder and three counts of murder on Friday (April 28).

The court heard how the gang of teens had pressed Chandra’s doorbell in a game of knock-a-door run – also known as ding dong ditch and knocky-nine doors and knock-a-door run – in January 2020.

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After ringing the doorbell, one of the teen boys allegedly flashed his buttocks at Chandra before running away.

The 42-year-old killer claims he had drank 12 beers before the incident and was “extremely, extremely mad” by the prank.

He claimed it made him worry for his family’s safety so he decided to chase after the teenagers.

Chandra followed the boys in his vehicle, running their Toyota Prius off the road, which slammed into a tree in Temescal Valley, as reported by the New York Post.

He then fled the scene – claiming he did not think that anyone was injured.

According to reports by Riverside Press-Enterprise, the suspect claimed he did not plan to crash into the boys or run them off the road.

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However, he did admit to driving at speeds of up to 99 miles per hour moments before the crash.

Victims Daniel Hawkins, Drake Ruiz, and Jacob Ivascu, all aged 16, passed away due to their injuries.

The driver, who was 18 years old, survived, along with two 13-year-old passengers.

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Chandra was previously accused of a domestic violence incident in 2020 before the fatal crash.

“The murder of these young men was a horrendous and senseless tragedy for our community,” District Attorney Mike Hestrin said in a statement.

“I thank the jury for their verdict. This is an important step toward justice.”


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