Man makes feelings clear about Googles streetview car with offensive gesture

A camera-shy man has become an internet celebrity after he was spotted giving the middle finger to one of Google's streetview cars.

The unhappy walker was shared on Reddit after he was snapped making the rude gesture while heading along a suburban street in central Finland.

Posting the screenshot onto the r/GoogleMaps subreddit, a popular internet messageboard, the user wrote: "He was not happy to see the streetcar".

The apparently privacy-concerned bloke is seen wearing a blue jacket along with black tracksuit bottoms and white trainers.

Further shots taken down the same street shows him covering his face with his hands, something which he appears to do until the car is completely out of sight.

The picture was taken in a suburb in the small town of Jämsä. It is unknown who the man is, or why he is so concerned with hiding his face.

In any case, it seems Redditors have form for spotting people who aren't happy to see vehicles form the multimillion dollar tech firm heading into town.

Last year, another user spotted a man making a similar rude symbol behind the wheel.

In the photo, the bloke can be seen dressed in a purple T-shirt as he sat behind the steering wheel of his car.

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While it looks like an ordinary picture first, a closer inspection reveals the man is making an offensive gesture to his fellow motorists.

As he held on the wheel, he appears to have stuck his middle finger at the camera.

He might not have realised he was swearing as it seems he was staring straight ahead to concentrate on the road.

In some countries, residents have gone further than a simple flick of the finger and have got streetview banned from their neighbourhoods.

India, China and Madagascar are among the territories to restrict the feature to private businesses, while Germany also has strict rules on where Google can take snaps from their cars.

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