Man found living with nearly 50 cats in car during scorching 32C heat

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A man was found living with nearly 50 cats inside a car in scorching heat which reached 32C.

The animals were discovered in a parked vehicle and had been living in the conditions with the owner for "some time", rescuers revealed.

Animal welfare workers said the owner had recently become homeless but didn't want to say goodbye to his 47 pets.

They were located on Tuesday (June 14) in Minnesota, USA, and fortunately, were only found to have minor medical issues, reports Sky News.

It has been reported that while temperatures had reached to 32C, it was much hotter inside the car at the time of the rescue.

Rescuers confirmed that the cats ranged in age from less than a year to more than 12 and were never left alone by their owner.

Ashley Pudas, an investigator at the Animal Humane Society, confirmed that the man accepted that the conditions for the animals were not satisfactory.

"Unfortunately, with the heat yesterday he recognised that it was above and beyond what he was capable of at this time," they said.

"And he let us help them out."

The owner has already given up 14 other cats that had been living with him in the car.

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It has been confirmed the cats will be sterilised and put up for adoption once they are all examined and treated.

The Daily Star recently reported how a man was arrested after police realised the passenger in his car was an alligator in the US.

Initially the man was being pursued because of the speed he was driving at but once he finally was caught, cops discovered the reptile.

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"Karen is not facing any charges at this time."

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