Loveland parents furious after teachers leave during school threat investigation

LOVELAND, Colo. — Loveland parents are furious after they say they weren’t told about a possible school safety threat until after police investigated and the district canceled classes.

“When you drop your kid off, like we do every day, we trust that they’re okay, and it turns out like this. How safe are our kids?” said Steven Johnson, a parent of two sophomores at Loveland High School.

He and his wife, Amber, were heading to work after drop-off Wednesday morning, until they got a set of troubling text messages from their son. He had gotten to his classroom door, and it was locked with no one inside.

“A message came in at 9:46 a.m. from my son, and it says, ‘There was no teacher in my first class. So they told us to sit in the lunchroom,’” Amber read from her phone, “Then [her son] says, ‘There is a threat to the school about a school shooting.’ That was at 9:57 a.m.”

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