‘Look at hand and leg tremors!’ Putin looks visibly ILL in new appearance as his war ramps

Putin's hand appears to shake before he meets with Lukashenko

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It follows a previous video in which Putin was filmed gripping a desk for thirteen minutes. Rumours the Russian strongman has some form of degenerative illness have previously sparked speculation that he may have invaded Ukraine in part because of it.

In the footage, released yesterday (Sunday), Putin is visible holding one hand to his chest, another balled into a fist.

As he begins to walk forward to greet Belarusian President and ally in the conflict in Ukraine Alexander Lukashenko, his right thumb makes a motion which could be viewed as a spasm.

As he walks towards his eastern European counterpart, the Russian President appears unsteady on his feet, walking stiffly and lurching his balance from one leg to the other.

Visegrad24, which first published the footage online, commented that it was “probably the clearest video of something being wrong with Putin’s health”.

It directed viewers to “look at his leg and hand tremors”, and made reference to the previous video which renewed speculation about his health.

Last week, a video of Putin meeting his defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, showed the ageing tyrant gripping his desk for most of the meeting.

This prompted claims Putin was attempting to limit the visible effects of tremors, which Parkinson’s sufferers can do by tensing the muscles in the affected area.

Reacting to the latest video, Emily Deans, a medical doctor and psychiatrist in Massachusetts, described it “the most abnormal video yet”.

Another doctor wrote on Twitter that they could see “somewhat stiff, slow, slightly unsteady gait” from the Russian, as well as a “right-hand palsy” and a “left-hand pill-rolling tremor”.

They added that these appeared to be the usual signs of Parkinson’s.

Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s former technology correspondent, who announced in 2019 that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s himself, also said he believed it to be symptomatic of the disease.

Putin’s health has been the subject of speculation for some time now, but has become a more prominent concern since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

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Some have even said that his alleged illness may be influencing his decisions as Russian President, including the one to invade Ukraine.

At the start of March, Rear Admiral Chris Parry – a retired Falklands veteran – said he believed the Russian President had cancer.

He suggested the possible illness might explain some of his recent actions, including his “hurry” to assume control of Ukraine.

The former Royal Navy chief noted that Putin had used long tables to meet other leaders, suggesting his immunity may be a concern.

Vladimir Putin appears to grip onto table

At the time, a US intelligence source said Putin’s “puffy face” was a sign he was undergoing treatment for terminal bowel cancer.

The Pentagon source told the Daily Star: “Our people are confident he is ill – he is concerned about Covid as he keeps his staff at a distance.”

They added: “In the past we have seen him smile, but in 2022 there are few pictures of him looking happy.

“His look suggests he is in pain and our people suggest his angry look is most likely as a result of him being in agony.”

Meanwhile, medical doctor Lord Owen said that he did not believe the puffy face was due to cosmetic surgery, and instead believed he was taking steroids.

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