Loch Ness monster’s ‘home’ slammed by tourists for ‘lacking activities’

Grumpy visitors have blasted the home of Nessie for its lack of regattas and watersports.

Loch Ness was savaged on tourism review website TripAdvisor as desolate' and very dull' with no sailing, motorboating or even a marina'.

Other holidaymakers complained because the fabled monster did not show up' during their visit.

One glum reviewer from Scotland moaned the famous 22 square mile stretch of water did not have a sailing regatta and was very desolate – rather dull – and totally lacking in activities'.

He wrote: "Nothing ever happens on the water – no sailing, no regattas, no motorboating – not even a marina. There may be reasons for this – winds, cold water, building regulations etc – but this all makes it a very dull water to look at.

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"High hills surround it but not spectacular scenery. And the monster? Pure fiction encouraged by the tourist boards.''

Another visitor from Sweden, said: "Unless your interest is swimming or that manufactured monster legend then feel free to stop by in a parking lot and take three pictures of the lake, which are two more than the place is worth.

"This is one of the most overrated places in Scotland. Don’t invest time in getting here. If it’s on the way to something else, fine, but don’t waste your time here.

"We did, and after 14 days of driving, I can safely say this is one of the least interesting places I’ve been in Scotland. Unless some tour forces you to be there, be elsewhere.

"I’m going to say it one more time: use your time elsewhere.''

A South African holidaymaker, who said they had always been fascinated with the Loch Ness Monster and all the mystery surrounding it, was left severely disappointed'.

She said: "The trip from Edinburgh to the Loch Ness is so long by the time you get there you are exhausted and want to turn around and leave.

"The Loch itself looks like any other dam you would see in another country.

"We found it a complete waste of time and money. It did not help that on the way our tour guide diss-proved the Loch Ness Monster which seemed odd due to her way of income!''

While a Dutch visitor wrote: "High expectations but no Nessie today.The lake is wonderful. But when you come for the monster don’t travel there since it will not show up.''

The Visit Inverness tourism website says the lake is "home to one of the world's greatest unanswered questions – what is in Loch Ness? Known around the world as Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster has many places to hide in her very own Highland playground.''

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