Locals fight to reclaim glam beauty spot from randy doggers who meet in forest

Horny doggers have caused a countryside beauty spot to be off limits to local businesses who now say they want to reclaim the area.

Randy men including one in a gimp mask have been heading to the beloved picnic area of Tog Hill in Bristol.

And local businesses say it's not fair that the outdoor sex enthusiasts have ruined it for everyone else, who just want to enjoy the views.

Gav Ellington who runs a burger van even had to convince council officials that there was nothing unsavoury about wanting to sell his food there.

The 43-year-old eventually persuaded South Gloucestershire Council to remove a by-law which had been preventing his food trailer, Ell's Kitchen, opening at the Doynton beauty spot.

Gav and the Saving Tog Hill group told the Bristol Post they were determined to reclaim the area which has breath-taking views of the Brecon Beacons.

At its dogging heyday the spot was attracting 100 saucy sessions a day but now thanks to the campaigners it has dropped to around 15 gangbangs a day.

Gav and pal Henry Lea said they witnessed one man in a gimp suit and another "huge unit of a man" spending a whole day scoping out the car park.

Gav said it was 11am on a Sunday, when a man in a full-body latex "gimp suit" entered the toilet block.

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When he asked him to leave, the man said: "I travelled from Honiton. I thought it was a free-for-all."

Henry and 10 to 15 other members of the Saving Tog Hill group have taken part in litter picks on several occasions at the site. They used to find a couple of hundred condoms in the woods, but now see far fewer.

Gav said he he has no prejudice against the people who engage in sexual activity, describing himself as "an 'each to their own' kind of guy".

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"But I do believe there is a time and a place for everything, and during the day at a beautiful picnic area that everyone should be able to enjoy is not it," he said.

"We just want the beautiful open space to be somewhere everyone can enjoy and feel safe and not feel uncomfortable."

According to the pair, the doggers tend to be men aged from 50 to 70, "often with quite flash cars" and they also recall seeing one woman taking part.

Gav said that cottagers would meet in the toilet block and then head down to the woods. He said drug paraphenalia was also left littered around.

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But now the campaigners say the area is being reclaimed and even the local vicar is visiting: "So many local people come up from Wick and Doynton to buy some food now. The local vicar comes up, farmers, people from the stables. They say, 'A year ago I wouldn't have come here'."

In an email explaining the decision to ban all people including businesses like his burger van, the council told Gav: "The CCTV was only a temporary installation to try and catch the criminal vandalism from the vandals who kept ripping down the fence when the site was closed.

"It was never installed to monitor the unsavoury activity that takes place on the site. The camera was removed by the CCTV team in accordance with the CCTV Code of Practice, Data Protection Act 2018 and the Human Rights Act 1998."

Now the pair fear that without the deterrent of cameras the amorous gangs will return.

Sex in a public place is not illegal in itself but it can be if other people are watching, or if witnesses are offended by it. In such a case, there may be an offence of outraging public decency.

Gav added: "If people are walking their dogs here, if their children are playing on the grass, then I don't care if they don't buy anything from me," he says. "I just want it to be a picnic area."

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