Lardy lags struggling to find plus-sized clobber over XXXL kit delays

Porky prisoners are struggling to get hold of clothes big enough for their waistlines.

Inmates have moaned they cannot obtain giant plus-size clobber.

Some lardy lags with waistlines like Fletch from TV’s Porridge have been hunting for XXXL togs designed to fit people with up to 55in waists.

A report into conditions at Bristol Prison revealed trans-gender convicts had also encountered problems getting female clothes to fit.

The jail’s Independent Monitoring Board revealed: “Issues have occurred – for example with the delayed provision of XXXL kit or the provision of kit from the female estate for transgender and other prisoners.”

The report said canteen chiefs are tackling obesity, adding: “The standard of food provision remains good.

“Portion control has been improved through the use of dedicated ‘one portion’ containers.”

Lags working in kitchens had jackets up to XXXXXXL.

The Ministry of Justice had not responded to a request for comment on Friday.

According to prison paper Inside Time, the stereotypical slops of porridge have been banned from jail because it can be used to block up door locks.

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Instead lags are offered pretty varied menu and quite the feast on Christmas Day.

YorkshireLive obtained the Category A prison's Christmas Day lunch menu via a Freedom of Information request.

Inmates will be able to choose between a 'traditional Xmas dinner', half a roast chicken, half a halal roast chicken, a mushroom and spinach kiev or a vegan wellington slice.

All mains come with roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots and gravy.

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Prisoners who fail to submit their selection form will be given the vegan option.

It was revealed last week that lags hooked on drugs could be forced to go cold turkey in a bid to break their addiction.

New plans have been drawn up over fears treatments like methadone leave off-enders “indefinitely” reliant on the drug.

The 12-week Forward Trust programmes aim to keep lags clean with therapy and AA-style sessions in drug-free wings.

A year ago, inmates were caught smuggling the mind-bending drug spice into their cells by having it sprayed on to undies.

They are then cut up and smoked by inmates.

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