Lags smartest smuggling plots – from grenade in vagina to phones in rat bellies

There have been plenty of wacky prison breakouts over the years – but some of the ways things have been smuggled into jails are pretty wild too.

Earlier in the week it was reported that crooks in Canada tried to sneak drugs to lags using a pigeon wearing a backpack containing 30g of crystal meth.

Over the years, cunning methods of getting contraband past prison guards have included everything from using drones to tennis balls and catapults.

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But some are even crazier as the following examples reveal…

Pest control: When officers at HMP Guys Marsh in Dorset saw dead rats inside the perimeter fence in 2019 they found stitches in the rodents’ belllies. Inside, they found mobile phones and drugs destined for inmates.

Taken Nun: Sister Eithne, a chaplain at Mountjoy Jail, Dublin, unwittingly brought a birthday cake in for a prisoner in 2008 which, when X-rayed, was found to have a phone baked inside.

Holy moly: In 2019, a man posing as a pastor was caught bringing drugs stashed inside a Bible into a jail in North Carolina, USA.

All of a quiver: Back in 2004, a 25-year-old man was arrested after using a bow to shoot three arrows attached to packages containing mobile phones, to lags locked up in a jail in Stockholm, Sweden.

Low blow: In the same year, a woman smuggled a grenade into a Colombian prison by hiding it in her vagina. Inmates were later handling the device at Villa Hermosa jail in Cali when it went off, killing five of them.

Undie-cover: Prisons across the UK, including at HMP Rochester, last year reported boxer shorts being sent to prisoners after being soaked in the drug Spice. Inmates tore off strips to smoke.

Bum wrap: American inmate Neil Lansing was found to have smuggled a condom stuffed with a whopping 31 items up his anus.

Pinned down: In 2016, Terrance Seymour was found to have been trying to sneak prescription drugs into a New York jail concealed in a secret compartment inside his false leg.

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Fur cop: A "mule" cat was detained in 2020 in Sri Lanka – it had heroin and SIM cards tied around its neck at Welikada Prison, Colombo.

Crumbs: In 2008, three men were convicted of conspiracy to supply drugs to HMP Swaleside, Kent – they had hidden drugs and mobiles in loaves of bread.

Snack attack: Criminals recently tried to smuggle drugs and phones over the walls of HMP Risley, Cheshire, hidden inside bags of Monster Munch crisps. One woman, visiting HMP Berwyn in Wales, attempted to get drugs inside using a Kinder Egg.

Art breaking: In 2009, officers at the jail in Stockton-on-Tees, Co Durham, found that drugs were being hidden in secret tabs on homemade paintings that were sent to inmates.

Fat’s silly: An obese inmate in Texas, George Vera, 25, got himself rumbled by guards while trying to smuggle a 9mm handgun behind bars – he had hidden it inside his rolls of fat.

Scuttled: In 1938, a baffled prison warden in the same US state was amazed when a lag confessed that inmates had managed to train a cockroach to smuggle cigarettes under their door.


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