Lad on train to Manchester falls asleep and wakes up in different country

A young man was left confused when he fell asleep on a train to Manchester and ended up in a different country altogether..

Charity workers in the Scottish city of Glasgow found the lad wandering around, apparently lost, and walked him to four different hotels before they found a room for him to sleep safely in.

Glasgow Street Aid took to Facebook to share the details of the bizarre situation with their followers, reports GlasgowLive.

They wrote: "Have you ever been so tired you fell asleep on a train and ended up in Glasgow when you were only trying to get from Wolverhampton to Manchester?

"Tonight we came across a young guy in this situation, he'd never been to Scotland before so was a bit lost to say the least."

It is understood that the bewildered lad woke up after the train's final stop before Glasgow at Carlisle.

The team at Glasgow Street Aid thanked the staff at the Premier Inn on George Square for taking in the man for the night.

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Their efforts were praised by followers, one of whom pointed out: "Well done guys, so dedicated and caring."

Another added: "Young man safe, good job guys."

In a similarly bizarre situation seven years back, party loving Luke Harding had the mother of all hangovers after getting steaming drunk in Manchester nightclub Tokyo's and waking up in Paris.

The lad was getting a cab home at 4am when he suddenly decided it was a good idea to head to the French capital after finding his passport in his pocket.

He told the cabbie to change course to Manchester Airport, and booked a last minute flight for £100 at 6am using his iPhone.

And when he woke up the next day in a toilet at Charles De Gaulle Airport, he realised he'd made a bit of a detour – a 500-mile detour to be precise.

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