La Palma volcano LIVE: Flights GROUNDED for two days running as ash cloud risks holidays

La Palma: Volcano erupts and lava flows on Spanish island

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This was the second day that flights were scrapped, on Saturday only four of the scheduled 34 flights took off.

The volcano has so far destroyed over 1,000 buildings and covers over 700 hectares of land.

This is the third volcanic eruption on La Palma in a century, the last eruption was in 1971 and killed one man, who died from inhaling toxic fumes from the volcano.

Experts have warned that the volcano is showing no signs of abating.


1,835 buildings destroyed, 753 hectares of land covered

According to the latest data released by the Copernicus satellite, the volcano has now destroyed 1,835 buildings and covers 753 hectares of land. 

The volcano began erupting a month ago, on September 19.c

Experts warn it shows no signs of abating.

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