Kremlin goons drag away pensioner for protesting Russias invasion of Ukraine

A woman who survived Nazi Germany's Siege of Leningrad as a baby has been arrested in Russia after protesting against the invasion of Ukraine.

Yelena Osipova, 77, was at the protest site in St Petersburg, and was filmed holding two anti-war placards urging soldiers to “lay down your arms”.

Amid chants of anti-war slogans, Russian police was seen on video, which went viral, detaining her as Russian President Vladimir Putin cracks down on dissident voices in his country.

The video was shared on Twitter by a branch of hacking group Anonymous, via its @AnonOpsSe account.

They wrote: “Meanwhile in Russia, security forces continue to detain citizens for anti-war rallies. Today at a rally in #Moscow for ending the war in #Ukraine, even a senior citizen was detained. “This is how Putler's dictatorial regime operates.”

Users were quick to point out who the woman was.

Natasa Bozini wrote: “Elena (Yelena) Osipova who is also called 'the conscience of St. Petersburg'.

“She is a survivor of the Siege of Leningrad (ww2) which lasted 28 months, claiming the lives of more than 1 million Russians.”
And Bojan Dragojevic wrote: “Russian citizens, police, and army.

“It is your duty to stop your crazy president.

“Go on the streets stop the madness!”

The video of the incident has been watched more than 73k times.

Earlier this week, topless protestors from feminist group Femen marched on the Russian embassy in Madrid, Spain.

Femen performed their own form of scantily-clad protest. The feminist group is renowned for carrying out topless demonstrations on a range of issues including fighting against sex tourism.

One protester wrote 'peace for Ukraine' on her chest while another was photographed being dragged away by the authorities.

The women also held up banners with a message of support, translating from Spanish into Russian, reading: "They will not pass."

The France-based activist group was founded in Ukraine in 2008, and they often protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin's troops and Russia's bullying of Ukraine.

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