Kim Jong-uns little sis loves threatening nukes – and is next in line to rule

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Kim Yo-jong, the little sister of North Korea head honcho Kim Jong-un, is starting to suggest tyrannical tendencies run in the family.

The 34-year-old is the de facto second in command to her brother and next in line to rule the hermit kingdom.

And if recent evidence is anything to go by, she might be every bit as volatile as the diminutive dictator.

This week she issued a chilling threat to neighbours South Korea, suggesting they wouldn't hesitate to use nuclear missiles to 'eliminate' their military if they went ahead with pre-emptive strikes.

It put her firmly in the limelight after a period in which her growing influence has become apparent.

Yo-jong, in her role as ambassador for North Korea, has caused quite a stir with her aggressive rhetoric.

Born in Pyongyang on September 26, 1987, she is the youngest child of Kim Jong-il. But still very little is known about the next probable ruler of North Korea.

It is believed she studied Ballet in Switzerland in her younger years before returning to North Korea to pursue her passion for politics.

Shortly after her brother Kim Jong-un's arrival in office in 2011, Yo-jong took control of the Propaganda and Agitation Department in 2014, where she became responsible for consolidating her brother's regime by implementing 'idolisation projects'.

Yo-jong replaced an 89-year-old propagandist, Kim Ki-nam who has a lifetime of experience, having been active in the role since the rule of the Kim dynasty in the 1960s, and in control of Pad since 1989.

She is also an alternate member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, founded when in 1960, Kim Il-Sung established the unitary ruling system.

The Politburo is a decision making body which allows members to discuss possible policies and rubber-stamp them for the rulers approval, leading members of the Politburo have famously disappeared throughout the committee's short history.

However, Yo-jong's ascension to the supreme governing body of the country, suggests her growing influence alongside her brother, indicating how important she may become in North Korea's politics as the years go by.

Yo-jong is one of her brother's most trusted aides, and working closely together the pair share tyrannical views and intense peacekeeping tactics.

But is Kim Jong-un's sister as hungry for war as he has appeared to be? You could argue she's even hungrier for it.

This was suggested when recent spat between her and the South Korean president Moon Jae-in turned sour.

Prior to the political tennis match between the two leaders, Yo-jong was famously the first member of the Kim Dynasty to visit South Korea since the Korean war.

In February 2018 she attended the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, in Pyeongchang, South Korea, defying history and becoming the first Kim to cross the border in over 70 years.

However, after North Korea fired what was believed to be an Intercontinental ballistic missile into the East Sea on March 24, Moon Jae-in said it was a “breach of the suspension of intercontinental ballistic missile launches promised by Chairman Kim Jong-un to the international community".

This sparked an argument, to which Yo-Jong responded "(Suh) is a confrontation maniac. His reckless and intemperate rhetoric about the ‘pre-emptive strike’ has further worsened inter-Korean relations and the military tension on the Korean Peninsula.

“Now we cannot but take his confrontation hysteria seriously and reconsider many things. The senseless and scum-like guy dare mention a pre-emptive strike at a nuclear weapons state.

"South Korea may face a serious threat owing to the reckless remarks made by its defence Minister. South Korea should discipline itself if it wants to stave off disaster.”

Her aggressive discourse is distressing at least, as North Korea are notoriously volatile when it comes to conflict, a tactic which Yo-jong seems to be embracing with ease.

Meanwhile Kim Jong-un has been preparing his troops for conflict, testing missiles more readily in a seeming attempt to ramp up the regimes firepower, as tensions rise over the possibility of World War 3.

North Korea is a worrying force, especially when allied with Russia, and alarmingly both nations have been increasing their military hardware and manpower.

In a press conference, a North Pyongyang official revealed: "International relations are strained with Russia at war, so the regional party committee demanded that everyone be ready to be mobilised at all times.”

The worrying statement indicates Pyongyang is readying itself for a violent confrontation despite being thousands of miles from the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine.

Kim Yo-jong's role could be crucial if North Korea chooses to engage in conflict, as it's clear that political powers keep coming to her, so people are wondering, how dangerous could her influence become?

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