Kids beaten and locked in cages forced to share McDonalds chip between six

Starving children were beaten and locked in cages before they were forced to share a singular McDonald's chip between the six of them.

Videos captured police in Las Vegas rescuing the locked-up youngsters from their makeshift prisons, where they were placed and starved, allegedly by their parents.

One of the children, an unnamed 11-year-old, was presumed dead by father Travis Doss after the child was beaten so badly, while another was left "always hungry".

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The child added they had not eaten in days and were left sharing food with their siblings, sharing a singular chip between the six of them before investigating officers found the locked-up kids.

A transcript of the case has since been released, with a detective saying: "He kept saying that he was always hungry and that’s why he stole, and then he said, ‘It’s food that’s in the trash, so how is that even stealing?'

"And he kept saying that he needed big food because he was a big boy now and that he would have to share one large fry from McDonald’s with like all six kids and just that he was never really fed and that’s why he stole."

The detective also told a sitting jury the child had been locked in a cage "all day, every day", New York Post reported.

Doss, 31, was indicted by a grand jury earlier this month while Amanda Stamper, 33, was arrested and charged with child abuse.

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Body-cam footage found the disturbing showcase of children in cages, with the horror finding made by officers attending the one-bedroom apartment.

Officers say the 11-year-old had "two black eyes that were swollen shut, multiple marks and bruises all over his body, and he was emaciated."

The child claimed his father beat him with cords, belts and a pan, while another child in the video can be heard saying "we're not hurt, we're fine".

In the video, the 11-year-old child said of his dad, "He hit my face in the cage because I was squished up trying to get out of the cage because I didn’t do anything and I was freaking out."

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