Jon Venables will kill again when let out of prison, warns James Bulgers dad

James Bulger's father has warned that one of his son’s killers is “a fully-fledged monster” who will "abuse and kill again" if he is released.

Ralph Bulger, 55, spoke out after it was revealed that Jon Venables, 39, could be referred to the parole board within weeks and appear at a hearing later this year.

Mr Bulger's two-year-old son was tortured and murdered by Venables and Robert Thompson in Bootle, Merseyside, in 1993.

The pair were both 10-years-old when they committed the brutal murder and were each jailed.

They were also given lifelong anonymity and new identities after their release.

Venables was first released from jail in 2001 but then recalled in 2010 and 2017 for possession of child abuse images.

He was last denied parole two years ago after the board found he still had “an attraction to sexual violence”.

Mr Bulger told The Sun: “He’s a near-40-year-old, fully-fledged monster who is never going to change.

“He’s a convicted paedophile murderer with an insatiable lust for children. He simply can’t stop himself.

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"I can only sleep at night when I know he is behind bars away from society. If this monster is released, he will abuse and kill again.”

He added: “Do they really think two years on he’s reformed? He can never be safe around kids.”

Venables has been serving a 40-month sentence since 2017, for possessing 1,200 indecent images of children.

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In a report, the parole board found that he used sex and pornography “as a means of coping” due to “a lack of fulfilment in life” and “a need for excitement”.

The report added: "The risk factors identified at the time of his offending included his sexual interests and an attraction to sexual violence as well as other issues considered relevant but amenable to change.

"Risk factors identified in subsequent reviews include thinking about sex a lot, problems in maintaining relationships, concerns about self-awareness, and his ability to deal with stress.

"Mr Venables had also experienced difficulties relating to employment.”

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