Ive KOd thousands as a bouncer – lad sent hitmen to my home after one scrap

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  • A notorious doorman who worked for the Krays once had hitmen show up at his home trying to kill him.

    Marcus Redwood estimates he's knocked out "thousands" of punters in his 40-year career working as a bouncer.

    A force to be reckoned with, he once had "21-inch arms" and gained such a fearsome reputation he was asked to do security for infamous gangster Ronnie Krays' funeral.

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    But his life on the door hasn't come without its risks.

    Speaking to Dodge Woodall on his podcast, Marcus recalled how one scrap outside a club almost cost him his life.

    "Two guys were sent to kill me, there wasn't a warning, they were sent to kill me," he said.

    Marcus had "upset a family in London" after a confrontation with a relative outside a club.

    The punter in question was high on drugs and swung a punch at him after being told to calm down.

    "So I hit him back, he went flying out the door," he continued. "He jumped back up and ran at me and wrapped himself around me.

    "As soon as I walked out, they just slowed down and looked at me," Marcus continued.

    "I felt something wasn't right. I kept looking, got in my car, then saw this guy's arm drop down and I saw the silhouette of a gun.

    "I reversed the car off, he's come running after firing at me and I shot off.

    "He blew the back tyres out of the car and put a few holes in it."

    Marcus continued his journey to the off-licence, where he called the police. But, he claims, "they seemed more interested in me than finding the guys who shot me".

    So he decided to take matters into his own hands.

    Around the same time the incident occurred, he met gangster Dave Courtney.

    "I told him that I've upset this family and Dave knew the family," he recalled. "He had a chat with them and it calmed down."

    But, to be safe, Marcus carried a gun with him wherever he went for the next three months and slept with his bedroom door locked.

    He then found out something about one of his attackers that put his mind to rest.

    "I discovered one of the guys who was sent to my house shot himself playing Russian roulette so it was only one I needed to worry about," he added.


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