ISIS terrorist released from prison trapped in limbo as no country will take him

An Australian-born ISIS fighter has been left in limbo after being released from a Turkish jail but not being accepted into any other country – meaning he must remain in immigration detention.

Neil Prakash, 30, was born in Melbourne and was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison in March 2019 for terror offences after he attempted to enter the Turkish border in 2016.

The ISIS man was previously linked to a failed Australian plot to behead a police officer and even fought with the terror group in Syria.

While he was in Gazintep prison in Turkey, Prakash had his Australian citizenship revoked as Turkish courts refused to extradite him to face charges of fighting for a foreign country – which would have given him life.

Prakash is entitled to Fijian citizenship through his father and his mother is of Cambodian descent reports the Mail.

However, Fiji has since said they will not recognise his citizenship which means he is stuck in detention.

In order for him to leave Turkey, Prakash must find another country to take him in.

This means he will need to turn to his ‘two wives’ who he claims he left in Syria and hope that they are able to help him get citizenship of another state.

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Despite Prakash saying he regrets his ISIS affiliation, speaking after his citizenship was revoked the then Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton said Australia weren’t willing to take any chances on him.

He said: “This government is determined to deal with foreign terrorist fighters as far from our shores as possible.

“Islamic State is opposed to Australia, our interests, values, democratic beliefs, rights and liberties.

“People should recognise if given the opportunity, Mr Prakash would harm and kill Australians.”

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