Inside Prince William and Kates student house where royals broke ‘no boys’ rule

Prince William and Kate Middleton broke a “no boys” rule when they moved into their student house.

The pair had met in their university halls during their first year of studying at St Andrews in 2001.

According to a friend, they became “instant companions” with Kate having caught the Prince’s eye when she modelled on a charity catwalk.

When they returned for their second-year studies, the pair along with their two friends, Fergus Boyd and Olivia Bleasdale, opted to live off-campus, in a quaint two-storey home in the town of St Andrews.

They moved into 13A Hope Street and only paid £100 per week each.

The pad included a small kitchen, which is where the Duke is said to have tried to impress Kate with his cooking skills and what the group would use to prepare dinner parties which they would host for their mates.

Despite him being the future King of England, William is said to have pitched in with cleaning duties when he was not studying for his Geography degree.

Although the home has now been put on the map due to its famous residents, landlady Charlotte Smith said she nearly refused Prince William staying there.

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Speaking to ivillage, she said that prior to William, she had a “no boys” policy when it came to renting.

She said: “We’d had an unfortunate experience with some boys in the flat once before and we were determined not to have young men there again.

“Broken furniture, broken windows – there was a lot of damage, so that put us off really.

“I said to this young lady we’d really rather not have more boys and she said: ‘What if I were to tell you that it was Prince William?’.”

Charlotte said she chatted the situation over with her husband and he eventually persuaded her to accept.

She added: “We were really quite surprised they should choose my flat, but it was very nice with ample living space in the centre of town and it had the reputation for being one of the best flats for comfort in St Andrews.”

Despite any initial concerns, she said William and Kate turned out to be “ideal tenants” and described the Prince as a “very friendly, very charming … thoroughly nice man”.

She added that William did not try and negotiate the “very reasonably priced” rent.

The landlady said: “We arranged to meet Kate Middleton, Fergus and Olivia before they moved in, but we thought we’d better not ask to see Prince William because we thought his credit rating must be quite good. But he insisted on meeting us.”

Speaking of Kate, she said: “She was very friendly. She had her younger brother there at the time – I think just visiting – and she was very caring, making sure that he knew what was going on.

“They came across as a very nice group of people.”

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