Inside game which eerily predicted coronavirus, 9/11 and Vegas mass shooting

Conspiracy theorists have latched onto a 90s card game in the firm belief that its creator predicted horrific and monumental moments in human history.

The card game Illuminati: New World Order, released in 1994 by Steve Jackson Games, pits players against one another in the pursuit of global domination.

It sets players up as a member of the Illuminati – a group who conspiracy theorists believe control events of global significance from behind the scenes – who must eliminate their rivals.

Many of the cards used appear to have underlying sinister connections to world events, with cards named Professional Sports, Brazil and Don’t Touch That Dial.

But, flick through the pack for long enough and some of the cards bear eerie ties to historic moments, some of which are among the darkest to have ever happened.

And it is these cards, which conspiracy theorists believe predicted some truly horrific events in human history.
These are just some of them.

The 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers

Conspiracy theorists immediately pounced on the card Terrorist Nuke following the harrowing attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

While the card describes the attack quite clearly as being a nuclear weapons attack, it is the picture that got many people’s heads to turn.

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The image shows two tall towers, with one exploding from the heart of the building. It frighteningly resembles the harrowing video footage that showed the moment jihadists flew a plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8.46am.

Just 17 minutes later, a second plane was deliberately crashed into the South Tower and was the second of four planes to crash on US soil.


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The most-recent addition to the conspiracy theorists’ arsenal of wacky beliefs, links the Epidemic card to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

One Reddit commenter believed the card indicated a deeper truth and had actually foreseen the pandemic that has now thrown the world into complete chaos.

He posted: “There's a point when coincidence no longer applies and prophetic guesses become more or less planned events. What are your thoughts on how accurate this game is on nearly every major event?”

But, others claimed the card was not specific enough and did not actually predict the coronavirus in particular, but general diseases which happen fairly regularly.

The Deepwater Horizon spill

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Considered to be one of the greatest environmental disasters in human history, the catastrophic spill dumped 1.84 million US gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

The disaster happened when an explosion from the well that fed into the Deepwater Horizon Oil rig occurred in April, 2010. Eleven people vanished in the blast, and their bodies were never found.

Iconic photos were taken in the aftermath of the disaster that showed birds coated with oil, struggling to move their wings.

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This is where the oil spill card comes in. The card, depicts an oil disaster at sea – in this case caused by a ship sinking – with a bird totally covered in oil in the foreground.

One said on conspiracy theory website Star People: “Oil spill card of Illuminati Card Game proves that the entire oil spill incident was planned to bring down America.”

Of course the disaster did not bring down America and resulted in BP paying upwards of $65million (£54billion) in clean-up costs and legal fees.

The 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting

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Illuminati: New World Order has also been linked to the deadliest mass shooting in US history, after images on the card Las Vegas were said to be connected to a key event during the harrowing murder spree.

Bullets rained down on a crowd that had turned out to listen to country music singer Jason Aldean during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

In total, evil Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and left 413 wounded as he fired into the crowd form the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s 32nd floor.

But, the tragic event became linked once again to the game – as the card Las Vegas shows a Joker and Ace in the corner, which are the same two suits tattooed on Jason Aldean’s arm.

The 2016 election of Donald Trump

Connected purely by appearance, the Enough Is Enough card shows a furious man screaming at the player.

The image has been said to look similar to an iconic snap of now-President Donald Trump and stoked speculation online that the Illuminati had a hand in getting the US leader elected.

But, others pointed out that enough is enough is a common phrase that has been said by numerous presidents over the years.

One commenter said on a conspiracy website: “Given the context, the accompanying is just meant to portray an angry man.”

Others point to the great anger with politics as usual, which propelled Donald Trump to the White House.

Pentagon 9/11 attack

Returning to the most-deadly terrorist attack in US history, one of the other flights that did not crash into one of the Twin Towers was a plane that smashed into the Pentagon – the US centre of intelligence.

At 9.37am, five jihadist scumbags crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon – killing 125 people as it slammed into the western side of the building.

The Pentagon card in Illuminati: New World Order showed flames coming out of the centre of the Virginia building – some distance from where the impact took place.

But, conspiracy theorists continued to link the two together with one writing: “Unless one had advanced knowledge of the Illuminati plan, there is no way on Earth that they would have been able to create pictures that accurately depict the unfolding events of 9/11.”

Others, however, said it was merely a coincidence.


But, other cards in the deck could also hint at future events, if the conspiracy theories are to be believed.

The Prince Charles card shows the royal beaming as he holds the crown as a polo player rides his horse in the background – it could possibly mean he could receive news of his ascension to the throne during a match.

A highly-specific specific card hits a little closer to home, however, given the coronavirus crisis, that a potentially killer virus dubbed The Irish Flu would hammer the Emerald Isle.

The card shows the President, an elderly white man, suffering from the virus and appearing to be in some kind of daze.

In a sinister description, the card states “a personality who has suffered through one Flu card is not immune to the flu from another card.

“Killing the victim gets rid of the flu.”

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