Influencer records moment she plummets to her death on horrific live stream

An influencer died while videoing herself in a horror 157ft fall off a crane that she was operating, it has been claimed.

Popular social media user known as Xiao Qiumei, 23, plummeted to her death in China.

The mum-of-two had built up a massive online following of 100,000 people who enjoyed an insight into her life working at the helm of a huge crane.

Despite accounts provided by eyewitnesses, Qiumei's family rejected reported details of her fall.

A video taken on a phone plunging from height at speed, appears to have been gripped hold of by the late mother, The Sun reports.

But Qiumei's loved ones claimed that cannot be the case because she was a professional on the job, and left her mobile phone tucked away in her bag during working hours.

Her family however did confirm Qiumei died by falling as she finished a shift operating the crane near her home in the city of Quzhou, in western China’s Zhejiang Province.

They explained that she simply missed a step and fell as a result.

A funeral for the mother has already been held as has a cremation in accordance to local customs.

Qiumei's ashes have been placed on a small table under an umbrella.

Another social media star died earlier this month after falling off a waterfall as she took a selfie for her 6,000 Instagram followers.

Sofia Cheung, 32, fell 16 feet to her death into the Tsing Dai stream near Yuen Long, Hong Kong on Saturday.

She had spent the day with three friends at Ha Pak Lai nature park before the tragedy unfolded.

A young and glamorous fitness influencer has died after an operation went south in a backstreet clinic.

Bodybuilder Odalis Santos Mena, 23, was receiving surgery to combat constant sweating when she suffered a cardiac arrest after receiving anaesthesia.

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