Incredible moment baby girl is found alive floating in wooden box on river

This is the incredible moment a baby girl was found alive floating in a wooden casket adorned with religious symbols on a river.

Boatman Chaudhary heard the 21-day-old’s cries on the River Ganges in India and rushed to its aid.

He found her wrapped in a red scarf inside the box decorated with images of the Hindu gods Vishnu and Durga.

Footage shared on Twitter shows the moment the youngster is taken out of the water by villagers in the city of Ghazipur on June 14.

The poor girl starts crying but otherwise seems perfectly healthy.

Chaudhary said that when people on the river banks heard the cries, they chose to ignore them.

“But I rushed to rescue her, when I opened the wooden box, I found her,” he said.

She was quickly rushed to hospital where they confirmed her health. She will be taken into social care once discharged.

Police said the box that the baby was found in contained her date of birth as well as a horoscope card.

She has since been named Ganga, Hindi for the River Ganges, and local officials said they would cover the costs of looking after her.

Investigators have not yet found why the young girl was abandoned.

The scenes bear similarities to those seen in the Bible, where Moses was found floating among the reeds in the Nile in a papyrus basket after his mother tried to save his life.

But one possible reason for Ganga’s story is far more chilling.

Female infanticide – the deliberate killing of newborn female children – is among the highest in India than anywhere else in the world.

Extreme poverty is often seen as a reason for the killings, with parents unable to raise a child.

In India especially, opportunities for work and education are limited.

The act has been criminalised in India but the practice still continues to this day.

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