In pictures: Chaos across Kabul as Taliban takes control of Afghan capital

Since the withdrawal of Western troops, the Taliban’s advance through Afghanistan has been swift – taking control of major cities and entering the capital, Kabul, over the weekend.

Pictures from Afghanistan show thousands of people fleeing their homes, seeking refuge in neighbouring Pakistan and beyond, while Taliban troops seized control of the presidential palace.

Live updates on Afghanistan as Taliban enters Kabul

Some people, who worked with British and American troops over the last 20 years, have sought asylum in the UK and others have been desperately trying to make their own way out of Afghanistan.

Footage shared on social media showed people climbing on to planes on the civilian side of Kabul airport.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent troops to Afghanistan to support British nationals leaving Kabul.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said that Afghan nationals who are eligible will also be brought to the UK, describing it as an “obligation”.

Former US president Donald Trump has criticised Joe Biden and has called for him to resign in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover, and UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been accused of “going AWOL” after spending the past week on holiday abroad as the situation was unravelling.

The first flight carrying British nationals as part of an operation to evacuate people from Afghanistan arrived in the UK on Monday.

Meanwhile, concern is mounting for women’s rights in the Middle Eastern country and the US has been accused of leaving the nation “worse than they found it” – with the Taliban said to be “more empowered and more cruel than they were before”.

Mr Johnson said the West needs to work collectively to ensure Afghanistan doesn’t again become a “breeding ground for terror“.

Ashraf Ghani, who was president of the country, reportedly left the nation for Tajikistan after the Taliban entered the capital.

Earlier on Sunday, it was announced that parliament will be recalled this week to discuss the situation.

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