Huntly boy racer incident; Loader driver likely to escape prosecution

The driver of a loader which tore through a group of boy racers at Huntly could escape prosecution.

Police today said although they spoke to multiple people at the scene – at the intersection of Rotowaro and Mahuta Station Rd late on Friday night – they had to receive a formal complaint.

A large group of boy racers had been gathered for about 15 minutes when a man driving a loader pulled out of the adjacent Colin Slater Contracting yard, a witness said.

He said the driver tried to pick up at least one car and drove the digger towards them, leaving some of the group “genuinely scared” about his intentions.

The owner of Colin Slater Contracting, Bronwyn Slater, declined to make any comment when contacted by the Herald yesterday, saying she was away for the weekend and didn’t know anything about it.

The witness, and fellow boy racer, said they were shocked to see the loader lower its bucket as it was driven towards a Ford Falcon.

“Many of us thought he was trying to scare us until he started to try lift the car.”

He said the owner of the car jumped in and drove off.

Chaos ensued as many of them were “genuinely scared” of what the man was doing with the loader.

He said the loader driver didn’t say anything; just drove around “like a headless chicken”.

When contacted about whether any charges had been laid today, police said they were still making “some inquiries into what happened”.

“However a number of people were spoken to on the night, and to date no formal complaints have been received.”

The loader was also missing, as police were unable to find it on the night.

However, the boy racer today said he wasn’t aware of anyone wishing to lay a complaint.

“Nah, not really. Someone might do something but no one is aware of anything that’s gonna happen.

“The boy racer community don’t care that much unless cars were damaged properly,” he said.

He said he’d heard the loader driver had “had enough” of them, wasn’t happy with them being at that particularly spot, which he said had been “used for years now”.

He said there were no houses for a “couple kilometres”, which was why they had used that spot.

“That’s why the spot has always been great. Never had complaints.”

Many residents had praised the man’s actions; one local even called for him to be made mayor.

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