Hunter fears animals hes killed like monkeys and porcupines are haunting him

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    A man who has spent three decades hunting creatures, including pregnant monkeys, fears he is being haunted for his actions.

    Opanyin Yaw Sakyi makes his living killing wild animals in Ghana's forests and selling them in order to support his large family.

    During his 30-year career, he has slaughtered a range of creatures including deer, porcupines and monkeys – even killing some which were pregnant.

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    In an interview with Kofi TV reported by GhanaWeb, Opanyin said he believes his career could be the reason why two of his eight children have disabilities.

    "Ever since I started hunting as a kid, I have never come face to face with any evil spirits in the forest,” he said.

    “I am married and we have eight kids. My first five children are healthy, but two of the eight are physically challenged. I can't really tell if they became that way because of the nature of my work.

    “I have hunted animals such as deers, antelopes, monkeys… So, I don't know if my kids turned that way because of that.”

    Opanyin believes that his killing of pregnant monkeys may have led to two of his children behaving like the animals.

    “I have killed a number of monkeys, sometimes some of them were even pregnant," he added.

    "My other children behave just like monkeys because the other animals don't behave that way… paying attention to them when they are playing, the way they move their hands, legs, etc. I suspected it might be because of the hunting."

    However, Opanyin does not let the situation with two of his children bother him.

    “During her pregnancy, there were no issues, she gave birth to healthy babies,” he said.

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    “But as they were growing, we realised their bones were too fragile. They couldn't sit without any support. They couldn't even crawl properly.

    “I wasn't scared because I'm not the only one who has given birth to such children in this world.”

    Meanwhile, his wife suspects that two of her children may not be human.

    "I suspect my children are not humans,” she said. “Sometimes, I get surprised when they behave in a certain way.

    “They keep climbing trees and care specifically for each other. When the younger is sick, the elder one goes to the bush to bring some leaves, and wraps the leaves in his palms.

    “Immediately he gives it to his brother, he gets better. I have tried to know the kind of leaves, but he does it secretly.”


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