Hottest day of 2022 could hit Brits tomorrow with UK set to bask in 18C scorcher

A chilly start to the week for the UK could see it end with the hottest day of the year, with Friday's forecast set to reach a scorching 18C in parts of the country.

People are likely going to battle through a chilly start to their Thursday, but Met Office reports indicate Friday could see a shock bit of heat thanks to a large high pressure system.

The rest of March's weather seems unpredictable, but Friday is set to be a scorcher and may record the hottest day of the year so far.

Next week looks a bit more unsettled, but the hottest day of the year isn't far off.

BBC weather reported that temperatures today could get as low as -4C in Scotland, while the north is set to be hit with wind and rain and the south is expected to enjoy a sunnier spell with warm weather, The Mirror reported.

Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said: "For the Western Isles and Northern Ireland the clouds will thicken here with some showery bursts of rain through the early hours of the morning and a strengthening wind.

"Elsewhere a fairly widespread frost leading to a cold start to the day come Thursday morning but for many it will be bright with some sunshine."

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But Nasir said it is likely to be "very warm" over the weekend, saying: "Temperatures are on the up over the next few days you can see here most places will be fine and dry with some lovely sunshine.

"Into the weekend high pressure reaching across Denmark will allow for settled conditions to extend right across the UK, but some stronger winds on Saturday certainly…

"Generally the weekend is looking fine and dry, much warmer with some sunshine."

The Met Office has said the hottest day of the year so far was a recorded 17.2C in Pershore, Worcestershire.

Forecaster Dan Stroud agreed that it could get warmer over the next few days, and speaking to The Sun said: "We're looking at temperatures of up to 16, 17, and perhaps even a rounded 18C could be possible."

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