Hotels brilliant response to blackmailing guest after poor review goes viral

A top boutique hotel in Lancashire has refused to be 'blackmailed' by a sour guest who threatened to leave a bad review if she didn't get a refund.

The Rosehill House Hotel is the second-highest rated hotel in Burnley, Lancashire with a creditable 4 stars on TripAdvisor.

Indeed, 247 guests have given the spot top marks in their reviews, ranking it as excellent on the site for its £74-a-night rooms and service reports LancsLive.

Of course, though, you can't please everybody as one customer who never even made it for her booking was not happy at all and made her thoughts known in a scathing review of the management's handling of her request for a refund.

Rosie S reviewed the hotel in January giving it just one-star for its allegedly 'shocking' customer service.

She wrote: "Never have I ever heard somebody speak to a double bereaved person as the manager did on the phone to me, to which she said 'good for you' – I think not, she shouted, made discriminatory comments, and accused me of threatening behaviour.

"Utterly ridiculous to model such a hostile lack of compassion when I was making an enquiry and seeking clarification, while also asking me to be compassionate to her small business needs.

"Understanding works both ways and I am disappointed after the two years we've all had she was unable to execute that idea, clearly someone who has zero tolerance for anyone upset but their own."

As you might expect, the hotel had a fair few things to say back to the customer's diatribe including that they won't be bullied or "blackmailed" into giving refunds.

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Hotel Owner, Emma Pennington, responded to the guest on January 24, stating it was not her 'recollection of the experience at all'.

Emma replied: "This is certainly not my recollection of the experience you encountered at all.

"Firstly you had called the Hotel over three times asking numerous staff for a refund on your late cancellation fee. As we explained to you that you had booked with a third party website and the cancellation policy with them is 72 hours, you would not be able to be refunded."

Emma went on to claim that the customer got 'very aggressive' once they realised a refund was off the table and 'threatened to write a terrible review if your refund was not given.'

She concluded: "We will not be blackmailed into refunds with threats of bad reviews. In the future please read the cancellation terms with before you book with them."

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